Flying Ecuadorian Fans, Federation Members, and Players for the FIFA World Cup

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An official travel agency to the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) was sourcing a flight to take Ecuador fans and federation members to the World Cup in Doha.


ACC Aviation was approached to provide an aircraft charter solution for families and fans of the Ecuadorian national football team to the FIFA World Cup in Doha, Qatar. The travel brief was to transport 350 passengers. When the team was eliminated, ACC Aviation was asked to arrange a flight for 405 passengers, including the national team players, from Doha to Ecuador. The client requested an economical solution with onboard branding.

Our solution

The airport slots are usually fully booked around major events, and the FIFA World Cup is no exception. ACC Aviation made an advanced booking for the flight slots at Doha Airport. Therefore, creating a schedule tailored to the client’s requirements was no issue. ACC Aviation assigned an experienced account manager to ensure the program ran smoothly and who secured an Airbus A350 in economy configuration for the passengers. Due to the size of the group, the passengers were met and greeted by the local representative at the Guayaquil main airport terminal. The representative oversaw the entire operation to ensure efficient security checks and onboarding processes. ACC Aviation sourced branded headrest covers for all seats. The passengers enjoyed hot and cold food on board with a selection of refreshments.

Client outcomes

ACC Aviation delivered a tailored and smooth charter program for family, friends and fans of the Ecuadorian national football team and local media.

Key achievements

Experience counts. Our achievements prove it.

  • Delivered a tailored air charter program for 350 fans, family and federation members.
  • Arranged a return flight which included the Ecuadorian players, totaling 405 passengers from Doha to Ecuador.
  • Arranged a bespoke flight schedule to and from the FIFA World Cup.
  • Provided a bespoke service throughout the flight.

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